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The Devipur HISTORY

A dream come true!

A project born from the union of Yoga, love, knowledge and passion for India, travels, spiritual traditions and for communities based on the celebration of life!



DEVIPUR YOGA EXPERIENCE was born from the original idea of ​​Maya Swati Devi and her spiritual partner Joseph Kamal, with the intention of promoting the cultural and artistic heritage of India and  Yoga, as well as the psychophysical well-being of the human being.

Maya and Joseph Kamal are partners in life and they have different professional backgrounds:

Maya has a degree in History of Art and Costume at the University of Florence and a Masters in Fashion Design & Management in London at Central Saint Martins, has a ten-year career as a fashion designer in the  international fashion luxury brands.

She is a real globetrotter and she is been living in  London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong,India, Spain.

Most of all Maya Swati Devi has been traveling and living in India since 1996.

During these many decades, she has explored the cultural heritage of India and the spiritual path of yoga.

Since 2007 she dedicates her life to the diffusion of Yoga and Indian dance and has been involved in event planning, creation of shows, dance festivals, yoga and Indian culture in Italy and abroad.

Joseph has a wide range of marine and nautical experiences dating back to 1992, ranging from diving to the driving  yachts and sailing boats, as a professional Skipper. ​


This strong know-how allows us to offer unique experiences, original proposals, organized in a professional way, rich in cultural content and with absolute respect for the land and the sea.


Devipur the Yoga experience will welcome students from India and all over the world to spread some of the most ancient spiritual paths and traditions.

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Our meeting took place on a boat, during a Yoga holiday in Sicily and being both lovers of sailing, the sea, Sicily and living in an eco-sustainable way we decided to unite our passion and our hearts in making the people's dream come true.

We are founders of Devipur Yoga Experience and Aquamarine Lifestyle.

We pour all our loving energy into creating Devipur Yoga experience and living our dreams.

We like to inspire others to be courageous and manifest what is deep in their hearts.

Maya works alongside his spiritual partner Joseph, with a vision to spread love via the international yoga adventure retreats and yoga teacher-trainings that Devipur Yoga Retreats offers around the world.

Together they plan every detail to provide an authentic, enriching experience.

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Live your Dreams


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