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Palazzo storico
Celebrazione Hindu


Celebrating Your Royal Self!


Rajasthan's Culture dates back to the years of Kings where it was previously called Rajputana. Over the years it has been ruled by various kings including the Rajput, Marathas and even Muslim rulers, which have resulted in the diverse culture of Rajasthan, bearing numerous beautiful forts with a wide variety in its architecture, language and customs of its people. Rajasthan, in spite of being a desert, has been endowed with such beautiful sites that include various palaces, forts and pilgrim centres that define what Rajasthan is. 

Our Royal Yoga Retreats in Rajasthan are offering much more than a trip, but it will be the most magnificent journey of your life, mesmerized by colors, scents, traditions, culture, historical places and Royal venue in the land of Kings and Queens!


Discover your Royalty within!



What Makes our Retreat Special

Your experience at Devipur will give you a rich glimpse of Yoga and the practices which shift reality to bliss and celebration.

You can experience the authentic culture of Yoga and also relax with as much free time as you would like.

Our retreats are perfect for deep relaxation, connecting with your true self, culturing health and exploring Traditional Yoga.

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maldives retreat


Reset. Relax. Restore. Renew.

Attending a retreat is a wonderful gift that one can offer themselves. At Devipur Yoga Experience we are committed to supporting our students from the time they inquire about a program, to the time they arrive on-site at their retreat destinations, to the time they return home. We offer retreats at incredible destinations around the world. From the Royal Yoga experience in Rajasthan, to the beaches of Goa and Kerala, meditating on the pristine beaches of Maldives, from the peaceful sunset to Tuscany, to practicing yoga on the Egadi islands and Sicily.



Organize. Plan. Teach. Relax.

Devipur Yoga Experience has the privilege to work with teachers from around the world. Our goal is simple, “To take care of all of the details so our teachers can teach, travel, and get paid to do what they love.

Our support, which includes planning, local and travel support, and the myriad of details that go into the retreat coordination process.

Whether you are a first-time retreat leader and need guidance on how to lead your first retreat, or you are a long-time retreat leader who does not want to deal with the logistics anymore, Devipur team will support you with your next retreat.

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